The Wall of Shame: 


Here is where I have listed and commented on those who qualify to be on this page. Each will not be revealed as to what website they are from on the wall of shame. Some of this will be what I've experienced. This page is subject to change. 

mbrennan34: He thinks that financial dommes are hookers. he starts with wanting to know how much. We arent hookers. 

malepuppy01: Thinks that prodomme and financial domination is nothing but whoring. If he was only educated on what it really is.

PiggingPaul: Conversation Ive had with him. He is a paypig. He is training losers to be paypigs. So he is a dom that is controling subs. Thats not how it works. This is what he said during our convos "Unless you are contacting me to become one of my losers and #pigofapig I have no use for you"

A slave I chat with on Skype that likes to be naughty. LOVES poppers and his toys. Doesn't speak English that well but we do communicate in our own way. He pays a bit not he low side. Overall, he is a good guy. 

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