Ways you can tribute to me:


IYou want ways to tribute me? Here is my list for you to look at. Subject to change as per domme. 

Show me how worthy you are to me. Get down on those knees and look at my eyes then kiss my feet as 

you say Yes Mistress Aeval, may I tribute to you. Please accept my tribute in this _________. Go ahead

and be at your computer fulfilling your title of a finsub. Dont forget to say thank you Mistress Aeval

for letting me tribute. Dont make me wait.

A note about these methods. Do not put a note attached to them. Just put the amount in it and send. Its

that simple.


Starbucks: I love my coffee & YOU must keep me happy


Where do I have the pleasure to send them to: mistress.aeval@gmail.com

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/giftcards?ref=finds 

Send them to: mistress.aeval@gmail.com


Google Pay: mistress.aeval@gmail.com

Cashapp: $MistressAeval

Venmoo: @Mi-Aeval





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