Here you'll find the different sessions I offer. More will be added at a later time.

cashpointmeets: what is agreed upon before meeting

& money will be taken out at the ATM.

All sessions are $200/hr. Sessions will be

talked about in person, on skype or email to

discuss what the session will be like.

 The is a free hour. skype sessions: to be

determine on pricing. if its a drain/rinsing

, it will be based on what is going on in the

session. it can be up to 100 or more dollars

I take from you. 

Double sessions are available. Price is for each

Domme. Its not one price for a session. 

I hope you enjoy those type of sessions. 

*Is subject to change. Specials will be running

once in a while.


What kind of sessions do I offer:

CBT, foot sessions, humiliation, ignore sessions, sissy training, talk session (talk about anything for 30 mins or more), trampling, caning, flogging, evil sticks, crops,  wax play, sensory sessions, rinsing/drain. 

What I dont do in sessions:

Medical play, blood, scat, aphixication, golden showers.  

beginning info:

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