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whats going on now

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

what is going on now? My state is in phase 3. so we are moving in the right direction but the numbers still are not settled to say we are out of it. My governor is doing a great job in keeping my state safe. We still worry as well. but overall, its good. Other states arent doing good such as California and Florida. They need to take a step back and rethink all of this to make it a safer state.

Im still going to be doing sessions provided my time allows it and the person who I rent the space up to is free to let me use it. I look forward to doing sessions. If you wish to book a session, please let me know. I as I said would have to see if the space is available and it works with my time slot. I did a double dome session with my friend who owns the space and I had a great time. I have a few new toy to boot. And gift cards to etsy is always appreciated. This is where I can get clothing (latex more so), toys, a pillory board, etc. I have a few good vendors to shop from. Amazon gc is good too....shoes I can get for sessions and for photo shoots. Goth like clothes

If you wish to send a tribute, please look at my tribute page on my website. And play the wheel of decide as well. You'll have a good time with that. I need to edit it. There are a few changes that are needed to be made. And I hope you'll play.

So that is whats going on. A few small updates if they are really updates. it could be a small one. Until next blog. Be safe and wear a mask.

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