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Sessions: I had a great one so far

Another domme and I from findoms.com had a rinsing session on the 24th of july 2020. I had a great time. I hope to do it again. I got off on it. I'm still on a high after how much we got out of him. Its a dream come true session for me. And its a first type of session. I now know how the session feels, does, etc.

I would totally do it again. I know you exist out there. I dont mind the small rinses. But its the big one that turns me on the most. So if you wish to have a session with me, contact me via the methods I have on my website. Im available during certain times during the day. So get your spot soon. Each session is an hour long. Maybe less depending on what we do. See tribute section of my website on what my sessions tributes are. But my biggest ones are the rinsing ones.

A short blog entry. A bit about my session. How I felt a bit, etc. It is hot out and sessions are cool downs or hot. I feel hot hot hot.

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