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Double sessions are fun

I had a great weekend a few weeks ago with a fellow domme. I stayed at her house and we had 2 sessions over that weekend. both were different. one was more of a sensual, foot, ticklish one and the other was more of a pain sub. I learned wax play and fire play. I also learned a few new techniques of how to use floggers. Wax play ill do again. Fire play im not so sure I feel comfortable doing it. But ill watch the other domme do it. At least I learned about it.

I hope to do double sessions again as they make you laugh, feed off of each other, learn new stuff, and more. then again I would love to have my own sessions as well. I have the space for it. I just need to make sure that the space is available to be used as she uses it as well.

Overall, it was a very good weekend. I smiled ear to ear at the end of the weekend even those the last day was a monsoon outside. I was racing to the car with my friend's sub carrying my bags. So yes, this is blog worthy.

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