Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions. have another, please feel free to email me them. 

Q: You look young, how old are you?

A: I am 43 years old.

Q: when did you start doing findomming?

A: i started back in 2010 when i was doing foot sessions at parties. I retired in doing foot parties. I now do foot sessions on my own.

Q: what is required for the session?

A: what is required is a deposit before the session which is due  when session has been booked. If you do not have a pic of you somewhere, please provide a pic when requested. When the session happens I will take the payment then go over what will be done during the session. 

Q: Will you be naked?

A: No I wont be. You will. Its a thing called clothed female nude male or CFNM for short.

Q: Am I allowed to smoke, drink, etc?

A: No you are not allowed to come drunk, high, or smelling like cigarettes . If you show up drunk or smelling like pot, I  will cancel the session right then and there. 

Q: What should I bring with me?

A: You can bring your own toys if you wish. Also make sure you have the money in big bills. You may bring a gift if you wish. 

Q: Is there anything that you wont do?

A: yes, scat, blood, medical play. Enemas, Golden showers, etc. will be updated once I know more

Q: How should I address you?

A: Mistress Aeval or Mistress. Dont forget the capital M and the capital A.

Q: I unfortunately have to cancel, what can i do?

A: There is a $50 cancelation fee for the time that is lost for me. This its if its a 24 hour or later cancelation. if its on the day of, there will be a bigger fee as my time is planned accordingly. Also you can reschedule it only one time. after that there is no rescheduling.

IQ: I am under 18, can we have a session?

A: No we can not. its 21+ and there will be a need of proof that you are old enough to have a session.

IQ: Are you a prositute?

A: No I am not. I am a findomme, lifestyle domme, and learning pro-domme. you won't get anything like this from me. 

Q: Tell me more about yourself?

A: You can look at the about me section

Q: Will you verify yourself? Do I have to verify myself?

A: I will not be verifying myself as I am all over the internet. Im on, twitter, instagram, etc. 

As far as you, you will need to verify. A pic of yourself will be required. You'll also fill out my questionnaire that I have on one of my pages.

Q: What are the safe words used?

A: Safe words i like to use is the typical. Red, Yellow, Green. But of course there can be different ones depending on what is agreed upon between the parties. 

Q: What forms of communications do you have?

A: I accept emails, text messages (Phone doesnt work for calls in apt and I am hearing impaired. Number will be given out once we know each other a bit more). I respond quickly unless I am doing something that requires my time. I use skype as well. You can email me as well.