Who am I outside of the scene: 

I am a 43 year old who enjoys the best things in life. I'm a musician that enjoys singing, playing the piano and violin. I use to play the flute as well as the cello and hope to get back to it at some point! I played the cello for a year. Wasn't my forte to be honest. I love to eat sushi. I have gotten use to eating it. I will try to make it at home. I will say that cooking is not a strong suit of mine.  I enjoy photography. I mostly take pics of my cat or nature. 


I do have a boyfriend who I've been with him for 10  years now. I'm a pain in his ass and he is a pain in mine. 


I enjoy writing when I can. I write in a journal to release my thoughts instead of being inside my head. I use to write songs but during my moves the notebook lost its way with me. I had good songs that I've been writing since 1992. I will get in the mood to write poems. 


I knit or do a needlepointing projects. I'm not the best knitter but I will keep trying. At least I am trying. 


My favorite tv show is Doctor Who. My favorite doctor is the 10th doctor of course. I love doctor who as much as I love my penguins. If I meet david Tennant that will be the best day of my life. I've gotten into the child (baby Yoda). Im in love with him. So he is my new


What is your domme side?


I've been a liftstyle Domme since 2009. My boyfriend is actually a submissive of mine. I have built my toy bag to reflect what I like. I have tried each toy on me so I can get an idea of how it is suppose to feel. Yes, I have tried all of the toys on me even though I am a domme. I took notes on how each toy feels on one person to another. I have 2 finsubs of my own. Both have been dedicated and faithful. Both are in different countries but again they are both wonderful. 


The financial side is an extension of who I am. I've been a Findomme since 2010. The last few years I've been learning all that I can. I"ve learned from other Dommes along with  the research I've done. You can go to the submission and tributes section to apply to be my finslave, where you can see where to tribute to me. The pricing for each different type of sessions. I do not waste time nor do I like my time taken away from me when I could be doing something else. Time is money=My time is precious. I am working on becoming a Prodomme. Once i build a clientele I can then find a dungeon of my own to hold sessions. Right now they will be held at a hotel at the expense of the client.